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Nazım is a Turkish singer, instrumentalist and composer located in Stuttgart. His trademark is the oriental melodic flavor in his melodies and sounds. At the same time he feels also at home in the blues, funk and rock worlds. With his bands Limanja and Shaman of Metropolis he has won several German music awards from 2007 until today regularly and toured with them mainly in Germany. You can find more details about his vita here.

Projects & Bands

Besides the songs which are released as solo artist, Nazim is part of several bands and projects, like KARA ORMAN, LiMANJA and SHAMAN OF METROPOLIS. Here is some more information:

Kara Orman

If you listen to the music of KARA ORMAN on one side you can feel the passion for state-of-the-art pop music with funk, rock or electronic elements. But on the other side you get an oriental flavor! You can feel the love for Anatolian folk sounds played with traditional instruments like bağlama or darbuka.

And what started casually during a corona jam session in 2020 is now getting mellow with the support of excellent musicians like Jörg Bielfeldt on the drums and Mert Eylem on the darbuka. Besides in the background you can hear influences of Turkish artists of the 1970s like Neşe Karaböcek, Barış Manço and more, as well as similarities to contemporary world music acts like the Turkish psychedelic band Baba Zula.

Now it’s time to share it with a bigger audience! So maybe if you give them a chance, they will inspire you also – at least to enjoy the sounds and to dance!

Link to Kara Orman Website


German: „Das Markenzeichen für den Limanja Sound: Man nehme eine groovige Rockband, fügt eine Prise Orient hinzu und schmeckt das Ganze mit effektvollen, teils psychedelischen Sounds ab. Als Toping dient die warme und weiche Stimme des Sängers, die unüberhörbar mit den Arabesken des nahen Ostens spielt. Und Voilà – heraus kommt eine Fusion, die auch so manche musikalische Feinschmecker überraschen kann.“

Link to Limanja Website

Shaman of Metropolis

Andreas Tristan Nemeth leads us through his vision of a science fiction world in a poetic and progressive way with his lyrics about nature and society. As the main guitarist of the band he uses both heavy slap guitar riffs and sensitive and melodic guitar pickings to express and underline the messages of the songs.

Nazim Sabuncu sings with a clear voice in a melodic and melancholic manner and enriches the band from time to time with psychedelic guitar sounds and oriental melodies. The solid sound and beat fundament is build up by Deniz Keskin (Bass) and André von Elling (Drums), no matter if they play sensitive parts or progressive rhythm changes. The result of this all is a progressive rock band with poetic lyrics and soul, which you definitely should not miss as a live music fan!

Link to Shaman of Metropolis Website